Why Is Getting an Oil Change So Important?

Why Is Getting an Oil Change So Important?

Why an Oil Change is Important - Gossett Hyundai - Memphis, TN

Oil and oil filter changes are some of the two most common services your car will need throughout its lifespan. But have you ever wondered why your car needs these services so often? Take a look at some of the main reasons why an oil change is so important.

Engine Lubrication

Oil works to lubricate the valves, pistons, and other parts of your engine. Without oil, these parts will quickly overheat and wear down the engine, so it’s essential to stay on top of oil changes.

The Removal of Dirt Particles

When your oil hasn’t been changed in some time, dirt particles can build up inside the engine. This can lead to corrosion and ultimately reduce your engine’s life. Oil can also break down and become sludge, negatively affecting your engine’s performance as well.

Fuel Efficiency

When engine parts are not properly lubricated, your engine will need to use up more fuel to get the job done. Accordingly, your car will not be as efficient as it once was, and you’ll end up spending extra at the gas station.

If you want your vehicle to last long and run as well as possible, you need to get oil and oil filter changes as often as your owner’s manual recommends. Once your vehicle is due for one, simply schedule an appointment at Gossett Hyundai in Memphis, Tennessee, and our expert technicians will take it from there.

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