Spring Car Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Running

Spring Car Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Running

Spring Car Maintenance - Gossett Hyundai - Memphis, TN

May flowers are getting ready to bloom, which means it’s time to prep your car for warmer weather. If you’re not sure what spring car maintenance you need to do, never fear — we’ve put together this short list of spring car maintenance tips to help you out!

Change your windshield wipers. Winter weather was harsh this year, and it likely did a number on your windshield wipers. So, as the weather warms up, change out your old wipers for new ones — especially if it’s been longer than six months since you last did so.

Spring clean your car. You spring clean your house, so why not do so for your car? After winter grime has built up all winter long, it’s time to give your car a fresh start. Give the exterior a thorough cleaning, including the undercarriage, and seal it with a fresh waxing. Then, go through your cabin and get rid of any mud, salt, and trash that may have accumulated over time.

Keep an eye on your suspension and alignment. Potholes are increasing across Memphis, which means you need to make sure your car’s alignment and suspension are in great shape. Bring it in for a service appointment at Gossett Hyundai, and we will make sure to catch any small issues before they become bigger.

Make sure to schedule a service appointment at Gossett Hyundai in Memphis, Tennessee, whenever you need to get your car in the best possible shape for the upcoming season!

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