Hyundai Partners with Cummins on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Hyundai Partners with Cummins on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell technology - Gossett Hyundai - Memphis, TN

Hyundai Motor Company is partnering with Cummins Inc. to jointly evaluate opportunities to develop and commercialize hydrogen fuel cell technology for electrified powertrains.

Perfect Match

These two companies are expected to develop these new powertrains by combining Hyundai’s fuel cell systems with Cummins’ electric powertrain battery and control technologies, with the initial development to be focused on the North American market. They are also committed to finding other ways to collaborate and even exploring ways to develop next generation fuel cell systems.

This partnership will be beneficial to both Hyundai and Cummins because it provides Hyundai with a way to increase its presence in the North American market and Cummins has the chance to expand its electrified power product portfolio by adding Hyundai’s advanced fuel cell technologies.

Beyond the Lineup

There is even a chance that this partnership goes beyond just vehicles. The two companies are also evaluating the development of fuel cell power generators. This would be attractive to many businesses because the availability of reliable back-up power generation to prevent data loss in emergency situations is critical to businesses that rely on data.

It’s also attractive because of this type of generator can reduce a company’s carbon footprint, in a world that’s desperately trying to become increasingly green.

At Gossett Hyundai, we’re glad Hyundai is doing what it takes to advance the future’s powertrain technologies, and we can’t wait to see its hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in our showroom.

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