Check Out These Fun Thanksgiving Games for the Whole Family

Check Out These Fun Thanksgiving Games for the Whole Family

Enjoy your holiday with the family with these fun Thanksgiving games

The Thanksgiving Day Parade is over, but the turkey still has four hours of cooking time in the oven left. Not to mention, you still have dough to roll out for the pies and potatoes to mash for the sides and…

Needless to say, you’re going to have your hands full this Thanksgiving. Here are a few delightfully fun Thanksgiving games to keep the kids happy (and out from underfoot) while you work your magic in the kitchen.

Autumn Scavenger Hunt

This is a great game to set up, especially if you’re hosting other families with even more kiddos. Send the kids into the backyard to search for pine cones, red leaves, yellow leaves, purple leaves, brown leaves, 10 acorns — you get the picture! Each child will search for autumn-themed outdoor items and present them to a parent. The first to gather every item on the list can get a special prize, like the right to get the first slice of pie.

Coloring Placemats

You can find anything online these days. Search for “kids coloring Thanksgiving placemats” and you’ll find a variety of Turkey Day-themed activities for the young-ones. Set them up with crayons and a placemat of their very own to color. They’ll be proud to display it at the Thanksgiving table come dinnertime!

Thanksgiving Trivia

This will require an adult volunteer to share a little Thanksgiving knowledge, or to quiz them on what they’ve already learned in school. Give a mini lesson in pilgrims, pumpkins, and Thanksgiving food traditions, then surprise them with trivia questions throughout the day. Correct answers get a piece of candy!

From the family at Gossett Hyundai to yours, have a happy Thanksgiving!

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